What’s Happening

There is movement on the Arcadia front!!!

On January 23rd, 2017 three organizations were invited to meet at City Hall to discuss the future of the Arcadia Theatre:

The City (Council and staff)
Economic Improvement Corporation
Playhouse 2000

Three representatives of our group, tentatively called the Arcadians, attended the meeting as visitors: Linda Bullard, Greg Forest, and Hans Bauer.

We recorded the discussion, which may be accessed here:

A front-page article about the meeting appeared in the Kerrville Daily Times of January 25th, 2017, with the subtitle “Officials discuss latest attempt to renovate historic downtown theater.”

When City Council approves the Minutes, they will be posted to this page.

Following a tour of the theater led by Steve Huser, its owner, Jeffrey Brown, Director of Playhouse 2000 (P2K), presented an idea that Playhouse 2000 would manage the Arcadia primarily as a music venue, with the City and EIC supporting the effort to some degree. Robert Earl Keene had already expressed interest in having a monthly event there. Our vision for community-based so-called “art house” type movie programming was briefly cited by both Jeffrey Brown and Steve Huser. The City asked Jeffrey Brown to come up with some figures; when they are ready, another meeting is to be called to continue exploring options for the future of the historic theater.

Coming Soon: Money Matters…what we know (and what we don’t) about funds set aside for the Arcadia.